Peaceful Piggy Yoga

Private yoga sessions for children of all ages (toddlers, preschoolers, elementary age, tweens and teens), providing urban zen, wellness, and serenity in the comfort of your home. Yoga has the capacity to help each and every one of us to be our most balanced and courageous selves! Kristina, registered yoga teacher, child at heart, founder of Peaceful Piggy Yoga, brings all the tools your child will need to discover their most healthy, happy, and loving bodies and minds.

Each yoga session will be specifically tailored to your child’s unique interests and will provide them with self-regulation tools, relaxation techniques, improved muscular strength and flexibility in a fun and creative atmosphere that they are familiar with, whether it be your home, a local park or another desired location. Peaceful Piggy Yoga comes to you with all the necessary props and essentials to support your child in building a revolutionary practice they can continue to use throughout their lives both on and off the mat.
"Kristina is a thoughtful and engaging teacher that is able to make yoga fun, interesting, and age-appropriate for little kids. My kids always look forward to yoga classes with her, and enthusiastically show me yoga moves they have learned when they aren't in yoga class. We feel very fortunate to have her yogi presence in our kids' lives."
Mom of a 7 and 4 year old
"Kristina has a natural way with kids. She’s warm, endlessly patient, fun, and truly makes an effort to connect with kids where they are individually. Her yoga classes helped give my girls focus, mindfulness and patience. She is a truly special person."
Mom of a 6 and 4 year old

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